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Solar Panelling

In 2022 Royal Birkdale committed to a project where solar panelling would be installed on the clubhouse roof and main greenkeepers shed. The panels would generate approximately one third of the clubs’ electrical requirements.

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GEO Certified


Through becoming GEO Certified we have achieved the most widely regarded and credible sustainability distinction in golf.  The international certification was earned after successfully meeting the industry-standard best practices and demonstrating our commitment to making sustainability of central importance to our golf facility.  We’re proud of our social and environmental values – and looking forward to doing even more on our sustainability journey.

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The Golf Tee that makes golf greener!

In an attempt to reuse the coffee grounds that would ordinarily go to waste, Greenup has developed a biodegradable golf tee made of biomaterial and upcycled coffee grounds that is 100 per cent sustainable and smells good too! Once used, the Greenup tee breaks down leaving behind no harmful residue on tee boxes, and is not only environmentally friendly, but also benefits from nitrogen and phosphorus found in coffee which are important components for healthy grass growth.

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In 2020 the Club commissioned a report from highly respected Ecologist Bob Taylor on the Ecology of the golf course. His report recommended the Club make changes to the current management plan and put forward recommendations for future programs. The Club is ambitious to change the current SSSI rating of ‘Unfavourable Recovering’ to ‘Favourable’. This led to several projects of removing undesirable species and reinstating fixed duneland and dune slacks throughout the site. Most of this work has been carried out over the last three winters, and we will continue to carry out these works until we have reached our objective. We are very pleased that Natural England has supported the ongoing work.


We look forward to working alongside them to receive a ‘Favourable’ assessment in the near future.

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Electric Vehicle Chargers

As part of our continued sustainability drive, the Club have recently installed Electric Vehicle charging points. These are available for both members and visitors to use. To find out more information, please click here